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Gold and Silver Prices Fall, But Russia’s War Boosts & Solidifies Safe-Haven Protection Investment Appeal


GOLD and SILVER PRICES fell hard yet again on Thursday, dropping near 2-week lows against most major currencies even as longer-term interest rates eased back in the bond market but global stock markets extended their rally despite Russia threatening Ukraine’s western supporters with a new nuclear-capable missile. Gold prices dipped below $1940 – down more than…

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Gold vs Bitcoin Comparison Chart 2022


Everyone’s a genius in a bull market. It takes a recession to find out who is a great investor and who’s not. Amateurs and professional analysts have been battling it out during the past two years to see which asset will make them wealthy. Even though most investors like Warren Buffet decided to stay outside of…

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Annual Price Chart Pattern for Gold 2001-2021 Paints Clear Consumer Seasonal Pattern


  Despite the current looming, inevitable and expanding global inflationary economic environment we are all now experiencing and ‘managing’, it is interesting to note the multi-year developed consumer pattern of Gold, the established hedge commodity investment against inflation.   Gold has been considered precious throughout history, but it wasn’t used for money until around 550…

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